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United Self-Storage Difference:

No Security Deposit,
No Credit Cards &
No Admin Fees

Located In Central Langley – Drive Up Unit Access

Our self storage units are perfect for household and business overflow.

Are you:

A Contractor – and need somewhere to store supplies?

A Business Owner – who has plenty of overstock with nowhere to go?

Downsizing – and have extra furniture you can’t fit in your new place?

An Adrenaline-Seeker – who has seasonal gear (like kayaks or camping gear) that needs storage during the off-season?

United Self Storage has a variety of unit sizes to choose from – perfect for whatever your needs are.

Choose From A Variety Of Unit Sizes

Whether you need to store the contents of your pick-up truck or a full house, there’s a unit for you.

See our Unit Size Guide!

3 Self-Storage Nightmares You May Have

Here are some storage nightmares (and how we avoid them):

1. Storage Wars Has Come To Canada – And They’re Selling MY Stuff!

It’s all fun and games, watching episodes of Storage Wars and chuckling darkly while the cast outbid each other and think they found the Map to Atlantis. But it’s not so funny if you think they could potentially take over your unit.


First, it’s important to know that Storage Wars will never accost your unit. Canada’s laws restrict it.

Second, your belongings won’t be sold to the highest bidder if you’re a day late paying your rent. As long as you’re on time with payments, you have nothing to worry about. If you’re worried, there’s an option of setting up automated payments.

2. Is Freddy Kreuger Lurking In My Unit?

The last thing anyone wants to come across is a striped-shirt wearing, bladed-glove wielding scary man in their storage unit. In all seriousness, having your stuff accosted by a criminal is a common concern.


Our units are crime-free because of 1 simple reason: our state-of-the-art security. There’s no way random people can get access to United’s units.

3. A Unit Beside Me Is Reenacting Breaking Bad!

Unfortunately, this fear has taken root because of some real-life stories of people setting up meth labs in their storage unit.


Not only do we do a full screening process before leasing out a unit, but our security system plays a major part here as well. We’d definitely notice if someone was brewin’ some illegal substances.

6 Reasons To Store With United Self-Storage

Monthly Payments

No deposit is needed, and we don’t accept credit cards. You can pay your monthly fee by:

Cheque, E-Transfer, Cash

6:30AM Early Access

Do you need to get into your unit before work? Perhaps you’re in a trade and store your construction materials with us. Our drive up units have early-bird hours to help ensure you can get into your unit before your workday starts.

Weekdays 9AM - 5PM
Customers have access 7 days a week: 6:30AM - 8PM

Powered Units

Your unit is always powered, perfect for those early morning or night-time pickups. Not to mention it’s nice being able to see into your unit - less stubbed toes!

Vehicle-Accessible Units

Have a truck full of stuff that needs to be stored in your unit? Or perhaps you have an extra couch you want to tuck away for a while.

Our units are vehicle-accessible, and there are no stairs you need to clamber while carrying heavy items.

State-Of-The-Art Security

United Self Storage is fully fenced, gated, and coded. You receive your own personal code to get through the gate, and if any problems arise, our 24hr access number is always available to access the security system.

Central Location

We’re right in the heart of downtown Langley, near Home Depot and Costco.

We’re nice and easy to get to!

Choose From A Variety of Unit Sizes

Check out our size comparison chart and find out what you can fit in each unit!

5×5 9×5 9×6 9×10
10×5 10×6 10×7 10×8
10×9 10×11 10×13 10×14