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Unit Dimensions & Features:

Sizes That Fit Your Closet Or Your Garage

Store Anything From Kayaks & Dressers To Beds & Couches

United Self Storage Guarantee:

No Deposits,
No Credit Cards &
No Admin Fees

Located In Central Langley – Drive Up Unit Access With Early Bird Hours Starting At 6:30 am

Choose From A Variety Of Unit Sizes

Whether you need to store the contents of your pick-up truck or a full house, there’s a unit for you.

See our Unit Size Guide!

Unit Sizes (And What They Compare To)

Not sure how much space you need? Here’s a guide:

5×5 A small shed or closet A single truck-load of items (seasonal gear, small TVs, etc.)
9×5 – 9×10 A garden shed or walk-in closet Business overstock, construction supplies, camping supplies, or extra furniture
10×5 – 10×8 A full-sized office or bedroom Furnishings of a studio or one-bedroom apartment, extra laundry machines, etc.
10×9 – 10×11 Half a single-car garage or a large bedroom Furnishings of a one or two-bedroom apartment, large furniture, or extra kitchen appliances (like fridges, stoves, etc.)
10×13 & 10×14 Almost a full one-car garage or a master bedroom. Furnishings of a three-bedroom home, or a huge surplus of business inventory.

Call now for availability! — (604) 533-8885

6 Reasons To Store With United Self-Storage

Monthly Payments

No deposit is needed, and we don’t accept credit cards. You can pay your monthly fee by:

Cheque, E-Transfer, Cash

6:30AM Early Access

Do you need to get into your unit before work? Perhaps you’re in a trade and store your construction materials with us. Our drive up units have early-bird hours to help ensure you can get into your unit before your workday starts.

Weekdays 9AM - 5PM
Customers have access 7 days a week: 6:30AM - 8PM

Powered Units

Your unit is always powered, perfect for those early morning or night-time pickups. Not to mention it’s nice being able to see into your unit - less stubbed toes!

Vehicle-Accessible Units

Have a truck full of stuff that needs to be stored in your unit? Or perhaps you have an extra couch you want to tuck away for a while.

Our units are vehicle-accessible, and there are no stairs you need to clamber while carrying heavy items.

State-Of-The-Art Security

United Self Storage is fully fenced, gated, and coded. You receive your own personal code to get through the gate, and if any problems arise, our 24hr access number is always available to access the security system.

Central Location

We’re right in the heart of downtown Langley, near Home Depot and Costco.

We’re nice and easy to get to!

5 Ways To Make Self Storage Easy

Ready to store some of your stuff in a storage unit? Follow these tips:

1. Insure Your Contents

You can sometimes add personal property under your Renters or Homeowners Insurance. If not, we recommend you get a storage insurance plan from a reputable company.

We protect from break-ins and the like, but there’s not a lot we can do if a natural disaster happens.

2. Clearly Label Your Boxes

Sure, you’re familiar with how you’ve packed your unit the minute after you’ve done it. But what happens 6 months from now when you decide you need that old N64 for a get-together you’re hosting?

Labelling your boxes helps you find what you need in the depths of your unit quickly and easily.

3. Store With A Plan

Storing your belongings in a strategic, Tetris-inspired manner will help you in the long run. Don’t just chuck your stuff haphazardly inside – follow a plan!

Check out our 6 Unit-Packing Tips!

4. Protect Your Stuff

It may be tempting to just throw everything in a box, drop it in the far corner of your unit, and forget about it.

But it’s not so great when you return to said box later and find your grandma’s pottery smashed to bits.

We recommend you carefully wrap your belongings in protective paper, bubblewrap, and the like. Cover your furniture in blankets or moving pads, and try to pack each box nice and tight so its contents don’t shuffle around.

5. Leave The Food & Plants At Home

Storing food and vegetation is a huge hassle. They can spoil very quickly. Not only do rotten things create unsavoury aromas that attack your nose the moment you open your unit’s door , but they are a glaring neon sign that yell, “COME HERE,” to bugs and rodents.